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5-days of One-on-One training, at your home or your office, my office, or online. Followed up with a full year of intensive support. Everything you need to know. No details left out. Learn from our experience.
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(Video, 2:36 min.) Here's What Stock Market Bulls Might Be Overlooking

On Feb. 27, the 4th quarter U.S. GDP was revised downward to 2.2%. "U.S. stock markets shrugged off the revision" --after all, the conventional wisdom says that as long as the economy is growing, so is the stock market. Except, it’s not exactly true.

(Interview, 2:02 min.) Why Investing in Deflation Is So, SO Difficult (Part 3)

In the third clip from Steve Hochberg’s recent interview with MarketWrap Radio, our Chief Market Analyst explains that in a deflationary environment, you shouldn't expect toget a return on your money. Instead... Well, listen.

(Video, 3:42 min.) Public Pensions: No Longer Untouchable

Many retirees could receive a smaller payout from their pension plans than they expect. Once considered out of the question, pension plan cuts are now on the table. One governor has just proposed a freeze on his state's pension plan.

Why Expectations for Future Global Business Activity are Plunging

Investors continue to display excessive optimism toward stocks, while economic fundamentals only continue to deteriorate. What should you make of that? Here's what we think.

(Video, 2:27 min.) Stocks: It's All Been Done Before

There's a lot of bullishness out there. And"when nearly all investors are bullish, they tend to view the stance as conservative, because, after all, everyone is doing it. This is even true for professional investors..." We're not the only ones noticing this uber-optimism.

"Audit the Fed"? We've Already Done That (Well, Kind of)

The controversial "Audit the Fed"bill is soon before Congress. But, we at EWIhave long since conducted our own "audit" of the Fed -- and the results might shock you.

(Video, 3:06 min.) Does the Federal Reserve Drive the Stock Market Trend?

Millions of investors analyze the Fed's every word. But do central banks control financial markets? It's time to take a close look at the data.

(Interview, 5:08 min.) The Markets Are Bigger Than Central Banks (Part 2)

In part two (of three) from EWI's Chief Market Analyst Steve Hochberg's recent interview, Hochberg explains whythe Fed and ECB don't really control the markets.

(Video, 2:58 min.) Does Nasdaq 5000 Make Sense This Time?

After 15 years, the Nasdaq has returned to the lofty level of the Internet bubble days. One money manager says the tech-heavy index now sports stronger fundamentals vs. March 2000. But will stellar earnings send the Nasdaq higher?

Q&A: Stocks and Shootings – Is There a Connection?

In this interview with the Socionomics Foundation’s Alexandra Lienhard, Dr. Agarwal discusses his recent paper on the fascinating link between trends in the stock market and firearms-related hospitalizations.

(Video, 3:50 min.) Another Looming Subprime Loan Crisis?

Subprime loans have reached the highest level since the start of the financial crisis. A new crop of nonbank lenders has entered the subprime marketplace. We've seen this movie before and it doesn't end well.

(Interview, 2:49 min.) The "Good Deflation" Myth (Part 1)

In this first (of three) clip from a recent interview, EWI's Chief Market Analyst, Steve Hochberg gives you our take on talk about the stock market and recent volatility.

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