The E-Mini Stock Index Futures Day Trading Course

5-days of One-on-One training, at your home or your office, my office, online, or via our new bite-size video course. Followed up with a full year of intensive training. In our 19th year of educating day traders from 26 countries. Learn how to daytrade the popular emini stock index futures.


The Active Investor’s Conservative Stocks Course

5-days of One-on-One training, at your home or your office, my office, or online. Followed up with a full year of intensive support. Everything you need to know. No details left out. Learn from our experience.
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(Video, 3:44 min) What's Bigger Than a $1.4 Billion Mortgage Ratings Scandal?

Standard & Poor's just reached a $1.4 billion settlement for "inflating credit ratings on toxic assets" leading up to the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. But there's a much bigger issue at stake...

Q&A: John Grable on How Our Feelings Impact Our Finances

Professor, financial planner and risk tolerance expert John Grable has spent his career uncovering how investors’ feelings get in the way of making good decisions with their money. Here are some insights into his work.

All Eyes on Crude Oil

Crude oil rises ahead of the European Central Bank's stimulus proposal. Crude oil falls after the European Central Bank's stimulus proposal. Any questions!?

The Most Important Investment Event You'll Attend in 2015

Allow me to invite you to EWI's State of the U.S. Markets Online Conference. This conference event is happening now and goes through this coming Tuesday, January 27 plus it's free and easy for you to participate.

(Video, 2:53 min.) Gold: Will Investors Get Fooled Again?

Financial markets can be tricky. Prices have a way of turning down just when optimism reaches its zenith, and turning up at extremes of pessimism. Learn how this applies to gold.

Copper Hasn't Lost its Diagnostic Touch

Question: How does a crashing copper market fit into the mainstream's story of soaring economic growth and recovery? Answer: It doesn't...

(Video, 3:04 mins.) Debt and Deflation: Three Financial Forecasts

Falling prices are an effect of deflation. Learn what deflation really means and why you should prepare for it now.

(Interview, 5:31 min.) "Swiss Move Validates EWI's Larger Philosophy"

Following the Swiss National Bank's unexpected decision to abandon its policy of capping the Swiss franc, Chris Carolan explains that the Swiss are recognizing the same types of danger that EWI has been talking about for a long time.

(Video, 2:39 mins.) An Ominous Price Pattern Anticipates Crude's Price Collapse

"Anyone who says they anticipated this 50% drop (in crude oil's price) is not saying the truth." "The plummeting price of oil was the most unexpected major development in the world economy last year." These two remarks from the financial media are misinformed. Learn why.

Are Buyouts Checking Out?

This updated chart of corporate buybacks and mergers shows that after reaching the highest levels since the S&P's 2007 top, buyers pulled in their horns somewhat as 2014 drew to a close. Here's what that could mean.

April 11, 2015: One Day Could Change the Way You See Everything

At the 2014 Social Mood Conference, Bob Prechter demonstrated that mainstream economics, with its use of linear forecasting, cannot foresee coming trend changes in the economy or the markets. This chart speaks for itself.

(Video, 2:11 min.) Swiss National Bank Shocks ALMOST Everyone

We sat down with Brian Whitmer, the editor of our monthly European Financial Forecast, to get his take on the Swiss National Banks decision to stop defending the Swiss franc. Watch.

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