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5-days of One-on-One training, at your home or your office, my office, online, or via our new bite-size video course. Followed up with a full year of intensive training. In our 19th year of educating day traders from 26 countries. Learn how to daytrade the popular emini stock index futures.


The Active Investor’s Conservative Stocks Course

5-days of One-on-One training, at your home or your office, my office, or online. Followed up with a full year of intensive support. Everything you need to know. No details left out. Learn from our experience.
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Elliott Wave International - Free Updates

(Video) Will Earnings Drive Stock Prices Higher?

The notion that "earnings drive stock prices" powers a lot of research on Wall Street. See a chart that torches this assumption.

(Video) 4% GDP Growth -- And "The Age-Old Story of Easy Credit"

"The age-old story of easy credit" is in the middle of another chapter. Once again, lenders and borrowers believe that the future is bright enough for the easy money to be paid back. You may ask, what’s wrong with such optimism?

EURUSD and AUDUSD: 2 Markets, 1 Pattern, Huge Opportunity

What do the EURUSD and AUDUSD have in common? Well, besides being two of the highest trading volume currencies, they also proved the predictable nature of Elliott wave patterns. See for yourself.

USDJPY: Climbing Elliott Wave “Stairs”

We’ve long said you don’t need the news to know a market trend. The news sometimes "helps," but the trend itself is created by the collective psychology of traders and investors. Here's a fresh example.

(Video) Why the "Single Biggest Category of Stock Buyers Today" Are on Shaky Ground

U.S. corporate stock buybacks are approaching the record-high level of 2007. This alone should serve as a red flag for investors. But today, there's a big difference that poses an "added danger."

(Interview) Your Best Market Bets in Europe and Asia Right Now

In this 7-minute interview with EWI's global opportunities expert, you will learn where he sees the best market opportunities unfolding in both Europe and Asia right now.

Market Alert: S&P 500

After last Friday's sell-off, the start of this week's trading added to the worries. Shortly after the open on Monday, the S&P 500 slid off to an intraday low of 1967. But then...

(Video) When Do “Wealth Disparity” Alarms Ring the Loudest?

A new study shows that the net worth of the typical U.S. household has taken a big slide -- while the rich have grown richer. But did you know that wealth disparity alarms often coincide with major financial tops? Consider 1929, 2000 and 2007. 

USDJPY: Market Alert (Update)

This forex pair has rallied since our last week's forecast -- but this week’s trading began with a sideways move. What should you make of that?

(Video) Why the Idea That Strong Economy Is Bullish for Stocks Is False

Economists argue that improving U.S. economy is bullish or stocks. On the surface, it’s a perfectly logical argument – and it just feels right. The problem is that the reality does not support this claim.

(Video) U.S. Deflation is Only a Few Time Zones Away

The financial media rarely talks about deflation. But, if history is set to repeat, the word will eventually dominate conversations. See a chart that should concern everyone in the U.S.

Market Alert: EURUSD at 8-Month Low

"Concerns that a fresh round of sanctions against Russia would have a negative impact on euro area growth pressured the single currency lower." Those concerns aren't likely to lift any time soon, so the euro should keep weakening, right? Actually, no.

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